Our biotherapy approach featured in Les Deeptech

Discussing our novel and innovative strategy for an effective and long-term treatment of chronic metabolic diseases associated to obesity.   Our co-founders Vincent Dani and Luigi Formicola are discussing a breakthrough and game-changing approach to treat unmanaged and uncontrolled forms of chronic metabolic diseases associated to obesity through our first-in-class biotherapy ObAdEx in an article […]

ExAdEx R&D platform on Skinobs Cosmetics Testing News

Our innovative R&D platform on human adipose tissue has been featured in Skinobs newsfeed and Skinobs preclinical database dedicated to cosmetics objectivation! ExAdEx ex vivo models represent an original approach for the evaluation and claim substantiation of cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredients for skin health, skin ageing and well-being, based on innovative and highly differentiating criteria. […]

Co-founder and KOL Christian Dani among World Top 2% Scientists

We are proud and happy for our collaborator and co-founder Dr Christian Dani from Institut de Biologie VaIrose and Université Côte d’Azur who was included in the latest World Ranking Top 2% Scientists list recently released by Stanford University. This ranking is considered the most prestigious worldwide, with 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields taken […]

Our latest research published in Cells

We are proud to share our latest work published in Cells and performed in collaboration with Institut de Biologie Valrose (iBV) and University Hospital Center in Nice. This article lays the foundations for the application of our ExAdEx technology for a human adipose tissue R&D platform, mimicking both physiological and pathological conditions of adipose tissue, […]